Restoration Procedures:

Depending upon the motor, the following procedures are performed.  The goal is to end up with a dependable, nice looking motor for you to enjoy for years to come.

  1. Recoil starter assembly spring is inspected. Replaced as needed. A new rope installed. Pull handle replaced if needed.
  2. Ignition is inspected and replacement of coils, points, condensers, spark plugs, spark plug wires as needed. (most of them need it).
  3. Any shift linkages are tested for excessive wear and any needed parts are replaced.
  4. Carburetor is sonically cleaned and rebuilt. All fuel lines are replaced.
  5. Lower unit is tested for leaks, then dis-assembled. Components are checked for un-serviceable parts and replaced as needed. Seals are replaced as needed and then the unit is re-tested for leaks. Fresh lube/grease is installed.
  6. Water pump housing and impeller are inspected and warn parts replaced as needed.
  7. The whole motor is dis-assembled, cleaned and de-greased. If the motor is to be painted, all necessary preparation is done now.
  8. When motor is re-assembled, marine lubricant is used on all moving parts.
  9. Motor is tested in a tank to ensure that the motor runs/shifts/pumps water as it should.
  10. A video/pictures are then taken of the completed restoration.